Monday, June 25th through Thursday, June 28th

10 AM to 1 PM, Age 8+ : camp full.  please check other camps here.

$320 per person inclusive of ingredients and Lunch with the group.

Menu subject to change per the availability of ingredients and the group's interests.

Class 1: Monday

- Strawberry Lemonade

- Chicken/Vegetable Tacos with home-made tortillas

- Guacosalsa

- Flan

Class 2: Tuesday

- Matcha Power Smoothie

- Vegetarian Sushi

- Chicken/Tofu Teriyaki with rice

- Sesame Balls

Class 3: Wednesday

- Thai Ice Tea with Boba

- Chicken/Tofu Satay

- Pad thai

- Fried Banana with ice cream

Class 4: Thursday

- Butter Chicken/Paneer

- Naan

- Mango Lassi

- Rice dumplings with coconut filling steamed in banana leaves       

 Recipes will be sent via email everyday after the class.